Year-End Campaigns for Holidays – Together To Help

Year-End Campaigns for Holidays

1.    Delia: Save a life of a child on the last day of the year (Delia suffering of Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia)

2.    Apopei Ionut Catalin suffering of Lobstein disease or Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type I – genetic disease or brittle bone.

3.    School supplies are needed for “Steven the Great” Special Vocational School, from Neamț Romania.

4.    Sewing machines: “Steven the Great” Special Vocational School needs sewing and embroidery machines and supplies that will help students learn the trade of sewing.

Fundraiser for Cristian: Alfamino by Nestle

5.    Cristian is a baby boy, 1 year and 9 months old, and can only be fed a special baby formula, Alfamino. The price per box is ~$50 and the baby needs 3 boxes/week, ~$600/month. Your help will be appreciated.

Fundraiser for baby feeding set: Flocare Infinity Bottle Set

6.    Baby feeding supplies: The baby that needs the feeding supplies can only be fed through a feeding tube that pumps liquid food directly into his stomach. The tubes are one-time use only and he needs about 3 per day. There is only one distributor in Romania, “Nutrient Solutions”, and the supplies cost ~$750/month. When available, the baby’s parents buy supplies from eBay at a reduced cost. A minimum donation from each of us will greatly help this family.

7.    Homeless father and son: – We are trying to help a hard working father of a 3rd grade child. The child’s mother left them. The father works at Jolidon. They had been sleeping in the car for a while, but now the father has started building a small, one room, wooden house. He doesn’t have the necessary funds to isolate and finish their new home and the winter is here. The child also needs winter clothes and boots, school supplies and tutoring as he is falling behind in school. Any help will be appreciated.

8.    New family: The couple are in their early twenties and are expecting their first child. They live in Florești, near Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in a rented apartment. The husband was an orphan, raised in an orphanage, and the wife doesn’t have her family’s support. The husband has a young brother currently in the orphanage whom they would like adopt. They are a wonderful young couple. They will need baby clothes and diapers for their newborn. Your help will be appreciated.

You can also help by starting fundraiser campaigns and sharing them with your friends and family. Start a campaign at: