Issue #2, June 2021

In this issue ...

  1. What Holds a Community Together?
  2. Why "Us" and Why "Now"?
  3. Our Donor's Story: From One Heart To Many Hearts
  4. My Journey Into the Eastern Orthodox Church
  5. Together To Help Staff Members Spotlight
  6. Together To Help Volunteer Spotlight
  7. Beneficiary Story -Steven The Great Special Vocational School Neamț Romania
  8. Happy International Day of Children
  9. Prayer for The Children of The World
  10. A note from our Leadership
  11. Message from the President
  12. Food for Thought
  13. Special Thanks
  14. Miscellaneous
  15. Benefits of Getting Involved
  16. Contact us
Non-profit organization Newsletter June 2021 (flowers)
Non-profit newsletter: ISSUE #2, June 2021