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Note From Our Leadership


note from our leadership

Meet The Founder of Together To Help

Fr Petru Munteanu is the founder of the Together To Help Organization in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our team is proud of having his guidance and blessings! Fr Petru has an academic background in theology and philanthropy. He lives in Romania, where the parish from Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel from Savinesti, Neamt gather around Fr Petru every day for prayers, church services, and many other activities. Thereby, in 1995, he founded the “Impreuna Pentru Solidaritate Sociala“ Foundation that takes care of unprivileged people from the North East side of Romania. Since then, thousands of children, elders, orphans, abandoned and disabled children have received help to get better in their life. Radio Journal FM was founded in 2013 to promote cultural, spiritual, and educational values in the area.On April 22, 2021, Fr Petru inaugurated the third-social house (family type) in the Neamt commune of Săvinești, where will live ten orphan children. Las Vegas Romanian community and local Romanian authorities should be excited to have Fr. Petru as a spiritual, philanthropic, and academic asset.

fr Petru Munteanu

Although young, our organization shows care not only for disadvantaged people in Romania but also in Las Vegas. We are open to collaborate with the Romanian and American authorities in order to fulfill the mission for which we exist