The Story of Georgiana… – Together To Help
Georgiana on the ROAD OF HOPE

The Story of Georgiana…

Georgiana on the ROAD OF HOPE

This is an excerpt translation of the story in Romanian. Click here to read the original story.

Georgiana is one of the 10,000+ children in Romania that need our help this winter.

Georgiana is not yet 3 years old and she is all smiles. She clutches to her chest the prayer book she received from the church in Țicău on the last Friday of October.

The little girl crossed the ROAD OF HOPE hand-in-hand with her mother to get food for herself and her two older brothers, one of whom is sick.

The family is struggling; barely carries it from one month to the next. We regularly help her with food and anything else she needs.

Unfortunately, there are more and more families suffering from poverty. And in these families there are many children, just like Georgiana, to whom we do not turn our backs. Shall we let them starve?

In a single day, 87 mothers came to Țicău and received packages with food and diapers because they are unable to manage on their own. They all came from far away and went home with bags full of pasta, rice, beans, cornmeal, canned goods, oil, powdered milk.

The help we offer is the only help they get.

We do not only take care of these women who come to us on Fridays, but of 10,228 children who come from 2,900 families with many problems. We give them everything they need, not just food.

Let’s make an effort for Georgiana and for other children just like her, for all mothers who struggle to raise their babies!

We have a list of 100 children that need us.
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