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The story of Costica (Giving Tuesday 2022)

The Story of Costică…

First Christmas Without His Father

This is an excerpt translation of the story in Romanian. Click here to read the original story.

Costică is one of the 10,000+ children in Romania that need our help this winter.

He has never been too talkative, and even if his cheeks seem to betray a child that likes to eat, he eats little and always careful that there is enough for his siblings. Costică doesn’t smile much either and when he does, he smiles sadly and tries to hide his suffering, sighing more like a grown man.

Costică’s father, Ion, passed away unexpectedly on January 15, 2022. He had suffered a stroke, and that just a few days before the family’s youngest daughter, Delia-Ioana, was born. Gabriela was left a single mother with 9 children in the cold house, with a shaky roof and a sea of ​​needs. This coming Christmas is the first one without a father for Costică and his family.

Among the tasks received in a family with 9 children, the most demanding of Costică’s tasks, but also the dearest, is to take care of the three younger sisters as much as he can at his age.

Gabriela, Costică’s mother, has also made us a confession. After almost 11 months of silence and tears, she managed to bring joy back to her house and especially to Costică’s cheeks, buying a foal, Cătălina, which immediately became the favorite attraction of all the brothers in the Mihai family. The boy can’t wait for the big day when he will ride across the surrounding fields in the saddle. Until then, we promised to give him at least a bike that we know he wouldn’t even dream of.

Let’s make an effort for Costică and for other children just like him, for all mothers who struggle to raise their babies!

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