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Lives You Have Touched

“Steven the Great” Special Vocational School

 -packages become gifts from Saint Nicholas

Steven The Great Special Vocational School from Romania is taking care of 118 special needs children ages 14 to 18. Most of them have been abandoned by their families who are unable to care for them. They live in a dorm near their school, receiving food and clothing from state childcare services. The principal, Ms. Liliana Apachitei, and the school staff are their only family.

Fr. Petru Munteanu proposed to get together and help the students improve their quality of life and skills so they will be able to function in the society after the age of 19. In this sense, Together To Help in partnership with the school plan to accomplish 2 important projects: building a greenhouse and planting fruit trees where students will learn agricultural and horticultural skills. The harvested produce will help the school to self-sustain the food necessary for daily meals. Our hope is that the project will happen soon with the help from great hearted donors. During this past summer, I visited the school site and I found out that they have enough land that can be used for agriculture and horticulture. The land is not cultivated yet due to lack of funds.

Meanwhile, with the help of Project 150 in-kind donors, and our financial generous donors, we were able to send six packages of clothing and shoes to Steven the Great Special Vocational School. This donation was offered to the students as a gift from Saint Nicholas on December 6th and made a great impact on the students. There are six more boxes of winter clothing and shoes waiting to be sent to them. We need just few generous donors like you to support the shipping payment to Romania.

The students are still in need of school supplies and other things mentioned on our website.

One hundred and eighteen children with broken hearts are waiting for us to heal their wounds and give them a survival skill in the future!

Would you be the one who give them a drop of care and love?

The school’s uncultivated land:
 -packages become gifts from Saint Nicholas: