It is the Season of Giving! – Together To Help

It is the Season of Giving!

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The story of Costica (Giving Tuesday 2022)
The Story of Costica…

First Christmas Without His Father

He has never been too talkative, and even if his cheeks seem to betray a child that likes to eat a lot, he eats little and always careful that there is enough for his siblings. –continue reading–

Georgiana on the ROAD OF HOPE
The Story of Georgiana…

Georgiana on the ROAD OF HOPE

Georgiana is not yet 3 years old and she is all smiles. She clutches to her chest the prayer book she received at the church in Țicău, the last Friday of October. –continue reading–

It is the Season of Giving. 🎁

Thousands of needy children are living in poverty without the basic needs to survive a deadly cold Romanian winter. Our goal with your kindness and generosity is to provide at least 100 needy children with coats, shoes, baby formula and necessary school supplies to make their life at least bearable under the difficult circumstances in which they live.

Your kind donation of $100 will go a long way to give them some basic necessities to survive a long cold winter. However, ANY amount of money you can find within your heart to help these needy children will positively impact their lives and improve their dire circumstances.

Helping children and giving them HOPE is a noble cause that will bring you JOY within your heart.

Every donation, large or small, makes a difference!

(1) Choose a child from the list below to sponsor. (2) Enter the amount your wish to donate (3) Write in the notes or choose the GLV# code from the list that will help us identify the child you chose to sponsor.

Giving Tuesday 2022

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