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A Letter From Our Board Members

On December 12th, 2019, our nonprofit organization Together to Help was legally recognized by the Nevada Secretary of State. We will keep this day in our mind every year, to celebrate the birthday of TTH. On the same day, December 12th, the Orthodox Christian Church celebrates Saint Spyridon. For this reason, we consider Saint Spyridon as the protector of our Organization and for all who will follow us in our mission and causes.

In this letter, we will introduce you to who we are, what causes are driving our mission and how you can get involved supporting our cause.

Who we are? We are the picture of those who nobody knows about, we are the voice of those who cry out and nobody hears them. We are messengers to all of you who care and have a good heart and love for the ones who suffer material and spiritual shortages. Our vision come along with the Chinese saying that “the secret of happiness lies on the virtue of helping others.” Nobody knows the taste of this type of happiness until they get involved to help other people. Together to Help tries to ease the sufferings of those who need our love and care. You can feel the happiness of philanthropy by offering from what you are in relation to the others.

Together To Help brings causes from America and Romania for which together, Romanians and Americans could offer their help. We make known to you children and adults who are affected by poverty, lack of education, poor students with genius potential who cannot continue education, special schools for orphans or children with disabilities, abandoned babies, homeless students, or devastated by depression or addiction. Together we can get involved to help alleviate our society’s wounds and contribute to building a better world. Together To Help offers an intercultural bridge between Romanians and Americans where social-educative collaborations at all levels are the foundation of our mission.

We believe that “the outstretched hand of the poor is not asking for our pity but is the option offering us a chance for the kingdom of heaven”. That is why everyone who wants to get involved must know that there are multiple ways to give to the one in distress. To help our causes or projects you can donate money, goods, school supplies, clothes, shoes, medical equipment, therapy equipment, new or used, etc. Also, offering a piece of information or a connection to somebody who can help, is another way to donate and support our causes and projects. Donating your personal time and becoming a volunteer for TTH is another way to care for the ones who are in need.

Please explore our website and subscribe to our newsletter that will keep you updated with all TTH activities, causes, and projects coming up. Our website offers you the free opportunity to make yourself known as a business or field of activity and to discover new connections and relationships in the same field of activity in both countries Romania and America. Our forum collaborators can come up with information, suggestions or connections necessary to solve certain problems or projects. For instance, if we have health care cases, the doctors who join us can come up with suggestions or guidance to solve this case. University professors could come up with ideas, or suggestions to support brilliant minds to continue education.

For any questions use toll free number: 1-844-884-0204 or contact us at email: [email protected]

With love and care, Together To Help Board Members

Project 150

3600 N Rancho Dr.

Las Vegas, NV, 89130


Dear Stacy Chapter and all team from Project 150,

On behalf of our Board of Directors and staff, I would like to thank you for transferring your clothing donations to our organization Together To Help. You helped us to accomplish one of our projects for Steven the Great Special Vocational School from Neamt county, Romania. Thanks to you, we have provided and shipped clothing for 118 abandoned students with special needs who have no family or friends. The principal of the Special Vocational School from Romania, Mrs. Liliana Apachitei asked us to send to you her gratitude for your kindness and help, for her 118 students. Please see below pictures with the packages we sipped to Romania and the students from the Special Vocational School Steven the Great (Stefan cel Mare)!

Thank you again for your generosity, and make sure to visit us online at https://togethertohelp.org to find about upcoming events! As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.


Iuliana Popescu-Hatch


Together To Help

1-844-884-0204 ext. 100

[email protected]

Pictures of Special Needs Students from Steven the Great Special Vocational School: