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Help For Ukraine

Together To Help Those Who Couldn’t Leave Ukraine

While many focus on helping Ukrainian refugees, a Romanian priest takes the risk and crosses the border from Romania to Ukraine to bring food to those that couldn’t leave the country. Father Damaschin recently led a convoy of humanitarian trucks across the border and delivered food to thousands of elderly people, children, and orphans inside Ukraine. The stores shelves are empty and gasoline is nowhere to be found. Ukrainian people need our support, so Father Damaschin can continue crossing the border every month to provide them with the basic supplies for survival.

There is no better deed than to help the hungry in time of war!

Your donation will go directly to the people in need!

UPDATE: On April 14th, 2022 Together To Help sent packages with new blankets, hygiene and first aid products to Romania. Together with Fr. Dan Damaschin, “The Voice of Life” (Asociatia Glasul Vietii) Association will distribute the items in Ukraine in the Chernovtsy region. Due to high shipping costs and slow shipping times we have elected to no longer collect physical donations and instead pass financial donations directly to those in need. The photo gallery below reflects the hard work and dedication that went into the initial shipment of supplies.

Donation Drive Photos

Final Update

The packages for Ukraine were delivered to the shipping point in Las Vegas.  At the end of April 2022 they were picked up by the Romanian Transport Services to be shipped by boat to Romania.




With Love from America for Ukrainian Children

The Next-Door Twins helped unpack adult blankets and children’s glow-in-the-dark blankets in preparation to be packed and shipped to Ukraine via convoy led by a Romanian Orthodox priest through the nonprofit Together To Help.

Rae Pattison