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It is the 🎁 Season of Giving 🎁

We give love

mong all holidays and winters of the entire world history, one simple little thing remains the same in 2020: The need for love!

Happiness means not only Christmas lights, snow, and money, but the need for giving and receiving and the need for each other as communion in a community of love.

rue love is the one that brings us together, from any corner of the world wherever we are, sows in our souls the most precious gift, faith, love, and peace, with which we look, with confidence, towards a better year.

Giving love will sow in our neighbor’s heart a ray of light.

Maria si Serafim (Giving Tuesday)

Maria and Serafim, together with their seven brothers and sisters, are waiting for a piece of love!

You may be wondering what their needs are? Their needs are many.

Maria and Seraphim did not ask for much. They want at least a pair of boots and a coat for them and their brothers, to protect them from any frost.

🤝 Now it is our chance to be good!

We have 6776 children like Maria and Serafim.

On Giving Tuesday, December 1st, 2020, your donations helped us get coats and boots for at least 30 children like Maria and Serafim. More children need our help. Read our Newsletter to learn about them.

Now I ask you, wouldn’t it be a shame for you to miss this chance?

👼 You can become an angel by giving love!


e invite you to join us on this Season of Giving to help in the fight to combat social marginalization by restoring human dignity, helping and encouraging disadvantaged people in our diverse communities.

There are different ways you can get involved!

Financial Donation

Donate while Shopping

Amazon Smile: How do I select to support Together To Help when shopping on AmazonSmile? On your first visit to smile.amazon.com, you need to select our charitable organization to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping.

Smith’s: Click here to go to Smith’s Inspiring Donations and enter our organization code: YK180

Social Media


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Create a fundraiser and help us raise the funds needed to help the children:

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