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Giving Tuesday 2021

Giving Tuesday 2021

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Together to Feed the Abandoned Children

Did you know that more than half of Romanian children go to sleep with an empty stomach?  Romania has the highest poverty rate in the EU, and World Vision Romania shows that poverty and hunger limits the children’ ability for normal growth and physical development.

The situation is much worse in the rural villages, where 74% of Romania’s poor children live in poverty.

Basil’s story from Steven the Great Special Vocational School from a village in Romania tells you the truth. Disabled and abandoned by his own family, he is sad, weak, malnourished and frail. One day he was brought to the nurse’s office because he wasn’t feeling well. After a detailed examination, the doctor realized that he suffers from malnutrition. He needs no medicines just healthy food.

This is because the school receives from the state only $ 3.88 to spend for one child per day. It is necessary at least $2.10 more to complete a proper nutrition meal.

In the same school are 65 more children who need a better nutrition. For this reason, the school needs an additional amount of $4,095.00 per month to supplement the nutrition necessary for all children.

For only $63 you can provide for Basil an entire month of healthy meals. He will appreciate your donation and will not feel abandoned.

Let’s make Christmas be blessed with proper food for all abandoned and disabled children!

We who are blessed to have food and warmth everyday can do something to help those who do not. Please click the donation button below and show Basil and other abandoned children that you care!

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