Help For Ukraine – February 2022

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Fr. Dan Damaschin

Fr. Dan Damaschin crossing the borders up north Romania and entering in Ukraine with a convoy of trucks filled up with humanitarian aid. 

Left to right: 1.Iustinian Cojocariu, 2.Fr. Dan Damaschin, 4. Mihai Chirica Iasi City Mayer


Humanitarian Aid trucks led by Fr Dan Damaschin, entering the borders of Ukraine.

Humanitarian Aid trucks Humanitarian Aid trucks


Our Volunteer and Donor Rae Pattison finds the best and softest glowing blankets for kids suffering in Ukraine:

Rae Pattison with a blanketRae Pattison with blanketsRae Pattison with blanketsRae Pattison with blanketsblanketsRae Pattison with blanketsblanketsblanketsblanketsblanket



The packages for Ukraine were delivered to the shipping point in Las Vegas. At the end of April 2022, they were picked up by the Romanian Transport Services to be shipped by boat to Romania.

packages for Ukraine


Ms Ileana Danciu who received the packages at the shipping point in Las Vegas.

Packages are placed at the collection point in Las Vegas.

Ms Ileana Danciu


With Love from America for Ukrainian Children

The Next-Door Twins helped unpack adult blankets and children’s glow-in-the-dark blankets in preparation to be packed and shipped to Ukraine via convoy led by a Romanian Orthodox priest through the nonprofit Together To Help.

twins with blankets package



Sin city can become Almsgiving City!

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