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“Freedom is meaningless if people cannot put food in their stomachs.” Nelson Mandela

In the “Global Hunger Index“ published by “Concern Worldwide”, among  117 countries stricken by hunger,  Romania is part of the first group of 17 countries where the national hunger rate was a little higher of 5% before the pandemic.

At this speed Romania is still far away from achieving the 2030 Agenda goals. It will probably take more than three decades to get to a 0% rate.

Hunger in Romania keeps being a systemic everyday reality. The chronic malnutrition leads to a major risk of physical and cognitive deficiencies and illnesses, especially in kids under 5 years old.

According to the Global Report on Human Development in 2019, among the 189 analyzed countries Romania was on position 52… just like countries that have a minor financial power.

Maria, 82 years old: “When I am hungry, I drink some water…”

Andrei , 32 years old: “We will not be killed by Covid-19 but by hunger. I have lost my job and I have lost my dignity too… I am ashamed to ask for help and food, but I have to feed my family.”

The current global pandemic consistently increased the hunger rate in Romania and more than 8% cannot afford a meal per day. These are extremely preoccupying data and with the current crisis it will take decades to recover.

Hunger stripped people of their dignity and a decent lifestyle.

Food is vital! Put a meal on someone’s table!

Food shouldn’t be a day dream but as normal and real as breathing!

Spread a meal! Share a smile!