“Steven the Great” Special Vocational School, Neamt Romania

Cause: “Steven the Great” Special Vocational School, Neamt Romania
Donation Goal For This Project is $2,500
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Special Vocational school from Commune Stefan cel Mare (Steven the Great) Neamt Romania is taking care of 120 students with different disabilities. They are abandoned by their families or are coming from disorganized families.

This vocational school for special needs offers training in the following fields: Textile and leather industry, food industries and tourism. The school aims for the student’s disability recovery, education and training of compensatory skills, in order to integrate them in the society, to become active and responsible citizens.

The school is struggling to provide basic tools and supplies that could contribute to the progress of the special needs skills to develop. They need $2,500 for:

2 Embroidery machines 4 sets of canvas format A3 2 Kitchen Robots
Embroidery thread variety of colors 6 soccer balls Kitchen utensils
Textiles 6 Handball Soft dough machine
20 acrylic painting brush 6 volleyball
30 Acrylic painting colors (tubes) 6 tennis table sets

School supplies: vocabulary book, worksheets, vocabulary exercises, notebooks, notebooks, for different levels.

Environmental project:

1)      Planting fruit trees - $1,000
2)      Creating Greenhouse - $5,500