Nobody has to suffer hunger during Coronavirus!

Nobody has to suffer hunger during Coronavirus!
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here are so many in need of our help to survive during COVID-19 period. The North East area of Romania is confronted right now with COVID-19 and hunger. An example is Neamț County Săvinești and its surroundings where some people don’t live on a salary, but on what they earn each day from day labor. The complete lockdown took away their daily income necessary to feed their families with many children. Elderly people isolated in their homes have no food to put on the table. Families with many children go hungry every day. Your donation will save many lives!

Why this situation?

To slow down the spread of coronavirus, Romania restricts people getting out during the day and has completely banned people over the age of 65 from leaving their homes. The restrictions will likely extend through the 30-day state of emergency. People can leave their homes to go to work, only if they have a signed note from their employers, and to buy groceries. The elderly are always required to stay confined. The army has been called to supplement police personnel. Under the state of emergency declared last week, restaurants, churches and schools have been closed.